Files show empty in editor when opened from folder tree


I’ve added git to the project and ever since, when I click on a file 9 times out of 10 it shows empty, even in safe mode. I saw another post to delete storage directory and that did not help. I’ve also reinstalled the app. Windows 7 64 bit, brand new workstation, it has worked fine on two other workstations.


Is the repository you’re working with on a network share?


No, it’s local. I’ve uninstalled, removed my local user .atom directory, and reinstalled and it’s working for the most part. I haven’t had anything come up blank but it can take 10-15 seconds to load a magento phtml template file sometimes. It’s strange, it’s usually instant, but randomly this will happen. I have 16GB of ram, and there’s nothing going on in the background, so I don’t really know where the bottleneck is unless it’s checking against the live git server (we use local gitlab).


Can you try using the Beta? I believe this might be fixed in v1.8.x: