Files are not saving


I am no longer able to save files through atom. I attempt to create a new file and save it, and it throws an error saying “there are no files existing with that name”. When I attempt to edit existing files, 1) It shows the blue dot disappear when using ctrl + s, however the file does not save if closed and reopened. 2) attempting to save over existing file using “save as” doesn’t throw an error, but it also doesn’t save the file.

I have attempted to open with safe mode, along with running through the entire debugging process, but nothing works. Also, I have attempted to uninstall and re-download, but still nothing saves.

please help! I love atom and would hate to switch to anything else.


What operating system are you on? When did this problem start?


Windows 10, just started doing this a couple hours ago


@rsese, can you think of something that could cause this suddenly?


No, but I no longer think it is atom specific. Dreamweaver is throwing the same error. basically file not found. I have been dealing with a DNS problem with a website, not sure if my computer could have caught something from that problem.


But other programs are okay, just not Atom and Dreamweaver? Could it have anything to do with the directory into which you’re saving files?


That is what I have been seeing in other forums. I am not really sure how it could be that because the rest of my adobe software is in the same directory, but I am still able to save with those.


What about the files themselves? Dreamweaver and Atom are both code editors, so you might have your code files in a place that’s having filesystem-related issues and your Photoshop projects in another place that’s not.


Hmmm, I haven’t seen anything recently with that specific “there are no files existing with that name” error messages. feels like it’s in the ballpark though and was a regression in 1.25 until 1.26.1 (the manual fix until the next releases is to create a ~/.atom/recovery directory).

What version of Atom are you on @TreeReid and did you just update Atom when this started happening?

it throws an error saying “there are no files existing with that name”.

Is there a stack trace in devtools console?


The strangest thing. It started working when I woke up today. Nothing I did seems to change. I cannot replicate the issue, but at least it is working again for me. Thanks so much for the help.