Files and folders can not be shown up in the sidebar tree view


Is there any possible reason that I can’t see the files or folders under a directory with the structure below??

  • image/
  • index.js
  • main.css

It’s odd that I can’t see the files under a directory. I make a test structure as the above and it works well. So is there any reasonable reason that I can’t see them??

Atom version is 1.6.2, and I didn’t set these files in the ignore names list. BTW, I’ve tried to disable all the packages which I installed manually.

Thanks in advance.


There are a few reasons why files might not show up in the tree view.

  1. As you mentioned, the ignored names list
  2. Files that are ignored by Git
  3. You haven’t opened the correct directory

Can you be a little more specific as to what you’re doing and what it is exactly that you’re seeing?


Thanks for your quick response.

I’ve tracked the root point - **/.* in the .gitignore. I am going to fight with the project owner. See you soon guys… :pray: