File type headers or file type


I am looking for some addon, that will change the work with new files …
Now, the NEW FILE option will create untitled text file with no extension.

But very often, I need to create a specific file type, and all that, without saving the file … (like I need just to test something and so on)…
Also, this include a second problem, problem with file headers. I have found a plugin, that allows you to add those headers, like all the starting HTML structure by autocomplete feature. But the autocomplete feature requires the file actually already IS a html …

If you have ever worked with PSPad, you know what I want … create new file with type, which will have predefined file headers (like html structure, C includes+main() and so on and so on …), all that WITHOUT saving the file …
-I create file with type
-File is created with some starting content - depending on filetype
-I try something, write few lines, check preview or sth,
-I decide, if the file should be saved or I close it without saving

So, please, is anything like that available here?

Thank you :slight_smile:


The file doesn’t have to be saved, it just has to have the HTML grammar active. You can tell Atom what grammar a file should use by going to Edit -> Select Grammar.


Oh, thanks, I have somehow missed that … I was looking for some syntax highlight string, or Language string … ok, thank you very much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: