File tabs: Extend over tree view & Overflow menu


Is there a package or setting to have the open file tabs extend over the tree view when the tree view is open?

And similarly, when the File tabs are too crowded, use an Overflow menu?

Like TextMate:


There are packages to modify the overflow behavior of the tabs from what I’ve seen. But there are none that stretch the tabs above the tree view to my knowledge. That would require moving the tabs control area up in the DOM hierarchy which would probably require a significant rewrite.


Kind of hacky, and it doesn’t work with multiple panes side by side, but here you go:

@tab-height: 32px; // fallback value, in case your theme doesn't define @tab-height
@import "ui-variables";

atom-workspace {
  padding-top: @tab-height!important;

.tab-bar {
  position: fixed!important;
  top: 0!important;
  left: 0!important;
  width: 100%!important;
  z-index: 100000!important;

Maybe you should raise the z-index value


@leedohm can you list some packages that provide the overflow behavior?


Well, for one, there is by @kuychaco.


That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you