File tabs disappearing when clicking Settings Tab?


have this weird bug, if I have files open and click on file tabs everything is fine. When I select the Settings Tab the whole interface shifts upward, hiding the tabs and leaving a blank black bar at the bottom of the window.

doing a reload fixes it, but it’s becoming quite annoying. any ideas?

thank you


It looks like the Settings tab ran off to the bottom of the screen :laughing:

I suspect that some package is causing this problem. Some people have reported that the package-cop package has been helpful in tracking down which package is causing problems like this.


hahahah, I didn’t even see it down there! good catch!

something is funky with the spacing/padding of the text in the tabs as well. i’m going through some packages and disabling them. sigh

edit: just noticed that it happens when any package has to open it’s own tab, so it’s just not the Settings tab.