File Sync - Windows Local Files


I have search and searched and just can’t find what I am looking for. Any help is appreciated.

Windows Machine
I have 3 environments. DEV, UAT, and PROD.
Each environment is mapped via a drive letter. IE
n:/wwwroot/ – DEV
o:/wwwroot/ – UAT
p:/wwwroot/ – PROD

I create apps in each environment. IE

I would like to be able to sync n:/wwwroot/app1 to o:/wwwroot/app1.
I don’t use FTP, SFTP, SSH.
Very simple sync from one path to another.

Anyone know of a package to do this. Maybe this can be done by default?

Thank you a ton for your assistance!

Save in 2 different folders on save

You could use process-palette to link a command line instruction to a command within Atom and then either give it a keybinding or use flex-tool-bar to create a button for it.


Thank you for the suggestion. I really am looking for a package or native functionality. I would like to, for example, see a list of files that have changed, maybe create folders, skip files, etc. Just coping the files i could do via windows explorer. I am hoping I can’t be the only one that can use this functionality.


Atom isn’t designed to do what you’re requesting. I would be surprised to find a package that provides the depth of file management functionality that it sounds like you desire.

If you’re on Windows, you can do some of what you’re asking for using Windows’ robocopy utility. Hopefully that will help :grinning:


Bummer. After seeing all of the ftp, sftp, etc syncs, I figure someone would develop something similar. Does anything exist that would literally just synchronize from A to B? No bells and whistles, really just a basic make sure A and B are the same.



After sync…

Thank you again. This would make my life soooo much simpler. If it doesn’t exists, no biggie. Can’t hurt to ask. How do other sync from one place to another if not on FTP, sFTP, etc? I used dreamweaver for many years and this was a tool that I used a ton. Dreamweaver really just isn’t made for coders and I have been in love with Atom ever since.


I’m sure that you’re not, but to my knowledge, nobody has needed it enough to make it happen in package form.

A package that allows for alterations to what you’re syncing would be a bit more work. The libraries are all out there, but they’d have to be brought together in a cohesive interface.

My solution above, with the command cp -Rf n:/wwwroot/ o:/wwwroot/. If you want, we could show you where to get started on writing your own package for this, but using process-palette would be much easier.


If you didn’t find it…

Go to settings, installed packages to configure this package.


Thanks for sharing this. I will check it out.