File save path problems


I recently found that any time I try to save a file in Atom, I get the alert, "path should be a path.relative() d string, but got “/Users/ME/FOLDER/file.html.” I’m on macOS High Sierra 10.13. Anyone else having a problem saving?


Does this happen when you have started Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


I haven’t tried that. I get the message when I open Atom like regular and use and of the “save” commands.


What happens when you do try it?


Running Atom in safe mode allows me to save files. Thanks! Any suggestions for further steps?


It looks like I’m able to save files if the file’s containing folder is a project folder. I never had to do this before.


I ran into the same issue when trying to edit Atom Config. Opening with --safe allowed me to save again.

What’s the next step to diagnose the cause?


The manual has something to say about this situation:

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Thanks! I managed to find the offending package and disable the setting that was causing the problem.


Same thing happens to me.


What did it turn out to be?


For me it was prettier-atom. Disabling it let me save files again.


Mine was also prettier-atom. Instead of disabling it altogether, I deselected the “format files on save” box. That worked.