File on command line


C:\Users\Roedy\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe --processStart atom.exe defaults.csv

Every other editor in the world with the equivalent command loads the file defaults.csv to edit. Atom just ignores it. Earlier I could get around this by directly invoking atom.exe, but that has stopped working.
Version 5.0.0 beta1


I’m pretty sure that the typical way to invoke Atom is the atom.cmd file. I don’t have a Windows machine so I don’t know exactly where it is located though. As far as the version number, do you mean v1.5.0-beta1?


Yes I meant 1.5.0-beta1.

The install created a link icon to C:\Users\Roedy\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe --processStart atom.exe
I created a link to C:\Users\Roedy\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.5.0-beta1\resources\cli\atom.cmd
This now behaves correctly, letting me put a file on the command line. Thanks!