File name display in tabs?


Is there any way to get the filenames to not truncation to ellipses in the tabs of open files?

That is, make the tabs very wide, if needed, to hold the entire filename? If the tabs don’t fit, perhaps scroll them or provide a menu?

I realize I can hover to see the full path, but I was just wondering.


Should be possible. Which UI theme are you using?


I usually use One Dark, but sometimes Isotope UI.


Hi @smlombardi,

Sometime ago I posted this and used the css suggestion. I’m still looking for a package that adds popup/chevron/navigator :smile:


Both Isotope and One-dark should work the same and allow you to scroll the tabs horizontally when they overflow.

The theory of this is to disable the flex-box and instead make the tabs inline-blocks that don’t wrap. Removing the max-width then allows them to grow freely.

.tab-bar {
  display: block;
  white-space: nowrap;
.tab-bar .tab {
  display: inline-block;
  max-width: none;