File list is not updated


After I have a file opened, a list of files in the conatining directory is shown. But any other file opened afterwards which is not in this direcory does not have a list of files added to the tree view. So when I switch between files in tabs, I cannot see the files in the current conatinging directory but the very first one.

And if the first opend file is closed, the tree view still showing the files in the very first directory.

Is this the design? I am using version 0.126 on Ubuntu 14.04.


Atom is designed to only have on “project” directory showing at a time. If you open a file outside of the directory using the file menu, a new Atom executable is loaded with the one file and it’s directory as the project.

I’ve noticed that on windows if you open up a file using the file explorer that atom opens it up just as you described. It isn’t in the tree etc. I guess this is a bug that happens on both our platforms. I don’t know about macs.


I might be wrong: previous 0.126 (I skipped versions between 0.121-0.125) Atom opens a new editor in the situation where file is not in the current directory/project. In that case, I cannot recall, it might have a corresponding tree view.


What platform and how were you opening it?


It was on Linux with older versions of Atom. I opened files through File -> Open. I think the behaviour has been changed.


The behavior of opening files and folder has changed since v124.
You still only get one project per tree view / window, but whether or not stuff opens in the current window is now different.