File explorer like Windows's



How can I build a file explorer like the one windows has? I made a simple app with javascript and jquery, html, css.(just basic design and working title bar buttons). I’ve searched this a lot but I can’t find anything.

1.How can you display windows partitions with all the folders and files, move files, remove, add ?
2.Are there security issues?

I mention that I know css and html, but javascript not so much at all.


  1. You use the Node.js API to read the filesystem and then use that information to build an HTML view that displays all of the files.

  2. Yes and meh. Electron is not secure in any way and it’s super-easy to take a published Electron executable and give it your own code, if you’re a malicious hacker. However, Electron can’t do anything that a Node script running on your computer can’t do. You have to explicitly give it permission to any restricted folders, so there’s little damage that it could cause unless the user puts in their admin password.

Your first step will be to learn JavaScript, because it will be the most important part for this project. You need to learn Node.js specifically, as it operates on a slightly different methodology than just sticking a script on your web site. You should start with a blank Electron app and just have it read your root folder and document.write() the output. From there, you can get fancier.


Thank you!