File encoding other than UTF-8


It seems that Atom doesn’t handle UTF-16 or other encodings that are not UTF-8. Is there a way to open and save files with a specified encoding?

Open File with Encoding

I think atom will open files other than UTF-8, but it defaults to saving them as UTF-8 now. This is something I’ll add to the internal issue tracker.


Great. Unfortunately I have to deal with utf-16 files on a daily basis (e.g. os x .strings files). It will be a nice addition. In ST3 you can force the encoding with “Save with encoding.”


It does open files but can’t handle the char encoding of specific chars and if can only save in UTF-8 it’s a bit of a step backwards when some system are set in stone :frowning:


I have some older projects which heavily rely on ISO-8851-1 / ISO-8851-15 file encoding. I really hope that there will be a quick way for changing the file encoding in the editor in a future release.
Most editors like Notepad++ provide an easy way for that. I would like to see that option next to the programming language, so that you could quickly change it.

+1 for this feature


I couldn’t open CSV files encoded with SHIFT-JIS. Atom was clashed when trying to open those files. Since I am using Japanese characters, there are many files with SHIFT-JIS and EUC. MS Excel exports CSV with SHIFT-JIS, and I have to convert file’s encoding to UTF-8.


The only reason this is not my first choice editor is the lack of support for non-UTF-8 encoded files.


yes, i am a developer from China. there are many files encode with GBK/GB2312.
we need this function like notepad++


Seeing as this hasn’t had any real commentary since the 28th of April (and has been the target of spam), I’m going to close the topic.

The Issue tracking this is here:

If someone has something to add other than +1, feel free to open a new topic.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that this is now fixed as of v0.141.0:

File encoding in v 0.141 only allows to change, but does not detect