File deleting issue


Hello everyone,

I’ve just found the Atom. Installed few plugins, realized it’s based on chromium, extensible by javascript and I found it awesome. I was so excited for two days, while I was browsing plugins, setting my IDE. I believed, for these days, I could finally replace IntelliJ and stop paying for it. No other IDE will ever beat JetBrains products in terms of overall usability, but I am not programming for money, so free alternatives are welcome.


When I believed I have set the interface and things around I can start using the Atom, I realized I can’t delete the file from the IDE: “Move to trash” popup appears, clicking it leads to “The following file couldn’t be moved to the trash. - Is there a recycle bin on the drive where the files are stored?” error. I am pretty sure it’s caused by the fact I have the windows’ recycle bin disabled completely on all my drives and I am not going to enable it just because of yet unused editor.

What’s in my mind is only “Hey! It’s 2017, software should not deny file delete operation.”. It’s not like some Potter’s magic I am trying to do here - it’s just a file remove action. And it’s failure is a huge disappointment for me.

So I would like to ask you: Is there any way to bypass the popup and let the Atom remove files even if recycle bin is disabled?

Thank you.


Yes, because Atom is extensible by JavaScript and has Node inside it, and someone has already written a package to do just that.


Many thanks, I found this package earlier too, but it’s not working in both latest stable nor beta Atom build. By github, this package was updated “two years ago”. And the real issue is: do we really need a package (addon) to be able delete file? :wink:


You have bypassed your system’s normal procedure for deleting files.

No, you don’t need a package. You do need to send the command to Node’s fs module or spawn a BufferedProcess to instruct your computer to delete the file (this can be done in, but adding a context menu entry is something that you want a package to do). The package linked above does this, and the procedure should still be good even if the package itself is out of date.