File contents disappearing


For some reason, when I try to open certain files the contents of the file will “disappear” as if I had deleted the contents of the entire file. I can see the text of the file when I select it in the tree view, but when I click inside of the editor to make changes the file changes to a single empty line. It doesn’t happen with every file just some and there isn’t a pattern (that I can see) to which files behave this way.

The contents of the file are fine and look normal when opened with another editor (Sublime, for example).


Which version of Atom and OS X are you on?


I am on Atom 0.71 and on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)


I’ve seen similar issues (same version and OS, but also previous versions). It’s worth noting that it’s really only the screen buffer that seems affected; line numbers still render, arrow keys still seem to move a virtual cursor (line number highlights change), text can still be selected, replaced, inserted, saved, etc., but none of that is displayed until the file is reopened (or viewed from outside Atom).

I wish I could provide a reproduction case for you.


This description is similar to what I am seeing (although slightly different). My line numbers don’t render when this happens. It looks to me for all purposes to be a new, empty file.


I just captured an example of similar behavior; in this case, scrolling works and I can still see my file content, but I can only see a small window into the content since the scroll-view’s “overlayer” seems to be misaligned.


For reference I am still experiencing this issue. (Currently on Atom 0.73 and OS X 10.9) Interestingly, it seems to only be happening with files in particular directories. On mine, I still have the entire file buffer completely empty. Interestingly, the blinking editor cursor moves all the way to the right hand side of the screen as well when this happens.


FWIW: This bug is no longer happening for me on Atom 0.84