File Comparison - is there one?


I’m new to Atom - trying to move away from Dreamweaver…

One thing nice about Dreamweaver though, it allows you to specify an external file comparison tool (I use Beyond Compare) and allows you to right click on a file in the tree, and compare it to the remote file.

I’ve installed an FTP package in Atom, but I’m assuming the comparison feature isn’t an option unless it’s built into the package.

Any thoughts?


One such package is Atom Commander, which has FTP support and a comparison tool built in. The comparison tool is very basic though and simply shows differences without many of the editing features some diff tools have.

I admit that it probably doesn’t quite fit your use case. For instance, it allows you to browse local and remote file systems and edit individual files, but it doesn’t have the concept of a remote project that appears as a file tree like remote-ftp does.


Thanks - yes, I’m looking for something that can compare the local file (preferably using the built in tree view) with the remote file.

I have the Split Diff package, which is nice, but only allows comparison of two files on the local side.