File changed conflicts between editor panes

Starting in the last couple of days I’ve started having issues with conflicting changes between two panels that are editing the same file. I have a new popup window saying The file "FILE" has changed. asking to Ignore, Ignore All, Compare, or Reload. This is making it nearly impossible to work on a file in multiple panes (which itself is fairly crucial to my typical workflow). Some more specific examples of errors:

  • Make edits in pane 1 (pane-1 is then marked as unsaved), make edits in pane 2 and save in pane 2, blue un-saved icon still appears in pane 1. Save in pane-1, and the (saved) changes in pane-2 are erased.
  • Running Undo in pane-1 skips over changes made in pane-2 (i.e. separate changes made in pane-2 will be undone at the same time as undoing the last change in pane-1).
  • Making edits in pane-1, saving, and making edits in pane-2, does not cause problems. So presumably both changes are loading saved changes properly, but are not syncing unsaved changes.
  • I am able to reproduce these errors in safe-mode.

Atom 1.54.0 x64
macos 11.2.1, Intel Core i7