File associations in Windows?



I know there is a package for file-types which is directly related to the icons within the program tree and tabs.

Im looking at a way to associate file associations easily in actual Window OS.

For example in notepad ++ there is a config section to associate file types in windows, so basically all supported filetypes have the icons and also open easily in notepad ++ is there such an option in ATOM ?



With atom on win7 I was able to associate file types by going to control panel/default programs/ associate a file type with a specific program, select the file type then hit the change program button then other programs drop down and atom was there to select. Having upgraded to 1.2.0 this option has evaporated then hit the browse button and have tried ever path I can to no avail. Where is the path for the “real” atom.exe? Is there one,Target> Update.exe --processStart atom.exe? Atom, now, does not show in the list of default programs which means its not registering as a windows program as I understand. I go to programs GitHub, Inc and there’s the atom.ico. Right click, open file location and it takes me to path… AppData/Local/atom/Update.exe which does not work. Next folder up app-1.2.0 /atom.exe which does not work either. This sucks as all the file associations are linked to Brackets that I was previously using. If I can’t get the file types associated w/ 1.2 I guess I’ll go back to 1.0.11 or Brackets. I have way to much time with this and searched this forum for an answer and none of posted suggestions I have tried work. I can say this is the first editor I have had, out of several, since the late 90’s that does not have this option available. I do hope I find a solution here. This is a shame having to right click on a Brackets icon to open with Atom.
I did have file associations set up with 1.0.11 and when I installed 1.2.0 it crashed the whole movie. Had to do a complete uninstall and start from scratch, oh what fun that was.
Thanks for your time