Fetching packages fails on Windows 7 64-Bit


In File>Settings>Packages, “Available Updates,” “Install Packages,” and “Featured Packages” are followed by the error message: “Fetching outdated/featured packages and themes failed.” or “Searching for ‘{x}’ failed.” I am unable to install updates and packages. I am running the latest version available on the website.


Is it this issue?


If so, it is supposed to be fixed in v0.114.0.


No. I don’t get any error messages other than those that come up in the GUI and it doesn’t crash. Here is a screenshot of said message: http://imgur.com/Vye2toQ.


If you click “Show output” does it show something like this?


Show output just shows a blank text box.


Have you followed the steps in the Debugging document?

Can you supply the following?

  • Which version of Atom you’re using?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after exiting Atom completely and starting it again with atom --safe?
  • Are you behind a firewall but have not configured a proxy?


1:, I think (this is the latest pre-built version on the main site).
2: Yes, it still occurs in safe mode.
3: This could be it, as I’m at a hotel at the moment, but my phone has terrible signal here, so a hotspot isn’t an option. I’ll try to bypass it as best I can, then post my results.