Fetching featured packages failed. Windows 7


When I try to search for packages I get the following error message:

spawn C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe;C:\Python27\Scripts ENOENT```

I was previously able to install packages, and had just tried to install linter-flake8.  I had to add `C:\Python27\Scripts` to my environment variables to use `pip`.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled atom.  My environment variables is currently: 



There’s an open issue on this, I believe:


I’ve posted to that issue on github, but I’ve still not been able to solve this error. Any other suggestions?


Did you guys install it via the normal installer?
Did you have previous versions installed via Chocolatey?
Are you behind any restricted network by any chance?


I installed via the .exe fro atom.io
I think I did try and install it via chocolatey at some point but tbh I don’t remember if this was before or after I had this problem.
I am, but I’ve also had the same problem while at home.

I’m waiting to download the new version, see if that helps.

Reading various SO/Github posts about spawn/ENOENT errors connected with Atom & AtonLinter today I get the impression it may have something to do with not finding the path variables but trying all the suggested workarounds has not fixed this problem for me…