Feedback on new package 'Swiq'


I’ve recently decided to go ahead and create my first package called Swiq and was looking for any feedback.

There’s currently no way to highlight a word without manually highlighting it. Swiq allows you to Alt-Click on a bit of text and highlight only the single word.

Its use is primarily for things such as camelCased words where you only want to modify/delete the single word without manually highlighting.

Currently it only works on the currently opened file but this will be updated in a future release.

Check it out!


A screenshot in the README would be nice


I’m going to create a simple GIF to show it working


Doesn’t work on first and last word of things named like variable_name_here. Other than that, I am a fan.


The issue you mentioned is being looked into now. Thanks for your suggestion!


This bug has been fixed now and is available in the latest version