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I have 3 things i need in a text editor. I need to be able to highlight a few lines, use a shortcut like 'command - shift - l" to split them up then highlight those lines, and use a shortcut like control - shift - w to wrap each line with a tag, then type anything like ‘a href’ to tag those lines. last thing i need is auto-complete. i need to be able to type ‘<di’ and finish the ‘

’ off with a shortcut like tab. i also need to be able to end that tag simply by typing ‘</’ and having the text editor finish it.

Can I do any or all of this with Atom?


Any or all of these are certainly possible with Atom. Take a look at http://atom.io/packages/. If you can’t find it there you could always learn to write your own package :smile:

I know that the last one you’re asking for is named slash-closer


The first part sounds a lot like something you can accomplish using multiple cursors and emmet.
There already a bunch of autocomplete packages, but I’ve never met an autocomplete I liked (in any editor ever) (besides emmet) so perhaps you should just try one.


Thanks guys,

I’ve managed to find packages for most of these requirements, but havent found one for the absolute most important one, which i didnt mention - auto-indent. I didn’t mention it because I was pretty sure I didnt have to. It’s standard in all text editors. For instance, you type

, move your courser between the opening and closing tags, hit enter, and it auto-indents for you. To be honest, shouldn’t all of the aforementioned be standard(no packages required)


Auto-indent is an option in the settings page.


It is, and it’s checked, but it does not work for me or a friend who is testing it on his machine.

There seems to either be another package conflicting with the auto-complete setting, or it only works with HTML.


Auto indent works just fine for me. Does it work when starting atom with atom --safe from the command line?


Yes, there was a problem with a plug-in.
My only complaint is that the Emmet wrap in tag function does not allow you to use attributes like the “href” in “<a href” or “class” in <div class"


You could try nagging emmet about it :smile:


Ah… I see you already did :stuck_out_tongue: