Feature requests: API to get ignored, included and active files


Most plug-ins ask for their own set of ignore paths. Atom should provide api for plug-ins to get active, included and ignored files from SCM ignore file.

  1. Atom should provide basic support for .gitignore and other SCM ignore files.
  2. Expose API so plug-ins could get list of files from Atom
  3. Plug-ins can use list of ignored, active and included files from ATOM api.

Most plug-ins can benefit from this. Most users has ignored files already in .gitignore

  1. .gitignore is already covered through the GitRepository class with the isPathIgnored function.
  2. Get list of files: Project.getPaths gets you the list of root directories in the current project, normal Node.js fs functions like readdir can get you the rest of the way there
  3. I’m not sure what you mean by “active” files … but #1 covers ignored and #2 covers included.

You could argue that the API should include helper functions to gather the lists for you, but is that really necessary? Or just a bunch of code that most packages won’t use or a lot of processing to find all files of X type when I only need one or two?