Feature Request: Something like apm package.json


A json file that stores all installed Packages
Or may be a package sync or package restore feature


Duplicate of …

And already implemented, essentially:

$ apm help install

Usage: apm install [<package_name>...]
       apm install <package_name>@<package_version>
       apm install --packages-file my-packages.txt

Install the given Atom package to ~/.atom/packages/<package_name>.

If no package name is given then all the dependencies in the package.json
file are installed to the node_modules folder in the current working

A packages file can be specified that is a newline separated list of
package names to install with optional versions using the
`package-name@version` syntax.

  --compatible, -c  Only list packages/themes compatible with this Atom version  [string]
  --help, -h        Print this usage message
  --silent, -s      Set the npm log level to silent                              [boolean]
  --quiet, -q       Set the npm log level to warn                                [boolean]
  --check           Check that native build tools are installed                  [boolean]
  --packages-file   A text file containing the packages to install               [string]

Note the --packages-file option.

closed #3