[Feature Request] Atom Notifications timeout support


Dear reader,

At this moment I am could not find anything related to this and as I am quite busy I can’t do it myself.
but It came to my attention that:
When using the atom.notifications.* you could not set a timeout…
In order to automatically dismiss an notification you would have to turn off: dismissable

I think it might be good to add the option: timeout.

It works with miliseconds.

If dismissable == true and timeout does not exists or is <= 0{
Do not timeout {like how it works right now}
}else if dismissable == true and timeout > 0{
Timeout after given miliseconds are passed OR the user dismissed it manually.
}else if dismissable == false and timeout does not exists or is <= 0{
dismiss using the old system {5seconds or so timeout?}
}else if dismissable == false and timeout > 0{
dismiss after timeout, block manuall dismisses.
something went wrong…

In my opinion notifications shall ALWAYS be manually dismissable…

I neither can find the location that handles the timeouts on !dismissable else I would actually try to edit it in my “free” time.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Mike M.

P.S ignore the typos; I am currently in a rush.
P.P.S If you have any questions, just ask them.
P.P.P.S Did not have a features category


It’s there, and I moved this thread into it. :slight_smile: