Feature req: cache the ctrl+P index to disk when quitting


On a large project with many modules/files, this can take a while at startup and kills the usefulness of ctrl+P for a bit as it indexes many files (or files on a remote server). It’d be better to at least cache the last state the index was in and use it until the reindex completes.


I know this is an old request, but I’d love this too. I often work in folders mounted via sshfs, and it takes minutes to reindex the project files. It wouldn’t be so bad if the reindexing took place in the background on startup, but it seems that the command palette has to be open for it to happen.


This is being tracked here:


This is something that probably lots of people miss.
Also the project indexing could start automatically when adding a project folder in workspace. Sometimes I forget to click Ctrl+P when starting Atom and when I need Ctrl+P the indexing is not ready yet, so Atom still has to start the project indexing and it takes some time…