Favorite packages and themes?


Hey, Atom community! We’re hopefully going to pick up the ol’ “This week in packages” blog post series again, and I thought a great start would be to ask you folks if there was anything in the package index that you find essential or exciting. One package I find pretty cool is this CSS animation curve editor: https://atom.io/packages/bezier-curve-editor

How about you?

What are your most used / favorite plugins?

Vim-mode anyone? I still find it needs work, but it’s a pretty big deal for a lot of people.


https://atom.io/packages/gist-it is really handy!


I think atomatigit is pretty cool and shows great promise for the future!


The emmet package is also pretty cool, a lot of nice commands for web development.


Atom lint for writing better code !


Zenburn theme ! https://atom.io/themes/zenburn


Aw thanks. Glad you like it.

Personally I’m a big fan of the Base16 Dark syntax theme:

Base16 Dark

I’ve been using it since my TextMate days and I haven’t found a theme I like better yet.


I’d have to say Merge Conflicts, it has simplified something that is generally complex with a nice interface.


atom-jshint - useful for keeping my JS tidy.


Trendy as both UI and Syntax themes is pretty much amazing.


My favourites are the Spacegray theme (ported from Sublime Text) and Emmet. The theme needed a few modifications, but it’s absolutely stunning!


Ask-stack, is now one of my top used plugins.


The two packages I find indispensable are:

  • Project Manager. I need project management and this package is very good (though I wish it supported an assortment of folders for each project).

  • Atom Lint. For Python coding I’d hate to be without a linter. I did disable most of the PEP-8 warnings.


Isn’t that such an awesome idea? I love that thing!
I’m not a seasoned developer so I always have questions, always get stuck at some point, and with this package I can not only query stackexchange right from inside atom, but I can copy and insert snippets from answers there directly into my code…

Once it uses the active theme as well, this is going to be a constantly open pane in my atom.


https://atom.io/packages/preview-plus . Please check it out.



I work on a lot of config files and stylesheets where this feature is a life saver. I can still remember when I first discovered this in sublime, it’s like the day they put a man on the moon.


Here is a list of my favorite atom packages: