Fast move between blocks


in vi i often use curly brackets to move between “blocks” of code (next / previous empty line). Without having to rely on vi mode, is there any shortcut (or package that implements it) that allows fast-moving between blocks of code?



I found this package while poking around:

But looking at the README, it seems like you can do this in Atom if you add some keybindings (/cc in your keymaps file e.g.:

  'alt-up': 'editor:move-to-beginning-of-previous-paragraph'
  'alt-down': 'editor:move-to-beginning-of-next-paragraph'
  'alt-shift-up': 'editor:select-to-beginning-of-previous-paragraph'
  'alt-shift-down': 'editor:select-to-beginning-of-next-paragraph'

I wasn’t sure if the commands were for prose specifically but trying it out in a JavaScript file, the behavior seems pretty similar?


This works beautifully, thanks :slight_smile: