Fan Noise after Install of Atom and/or Node.js


I installed Node.js, and then, Atom. Watched a few tutorials and started trying some things in Atom, like installing tern and beautify. Then, I noticed fan noise was more than usual. I think it began when I was installing. I uninstalled both, but fan speed remains high even at idle speeds when no browser is open. I have since reinstalled. Still have annoying fan.

Anyone experience this issue?


If the fan noise started during install and continued after you had removed both programs from your computer, it seems likely that neither was the sole cause of your fan speeding up. Atom is a chunky program, but it doesn’t do anything if you don’t have it open. Node is just an interpreter for JavaScript, and except in cases like Atom, it usually doesn’t have much to do so it would not increase CPU consumption to the point where the computer felt like it had to increase airflow.

How are things after rebooting?


Thanks for the reply. I thought they should be light weight, too. I have an I-7 machine with 16 GB ram.

I have shut down numerous times to no avail. The fan still runs after I start back up - even before I log-in to Windows. It runs at a medium speed, so it’s not full bore. I managed to change Power Management’s Max Processor Rate from 100% down to 95%, and it slows the fan down a fair amount, but it still doesn’t shut off. 75% doesn’t make it any better.

It seems I noticed the fan rev-up and stay during the installation of either node or atom. I remember hearing it spike during the install process, but I forgot which of the 2 programs caused it.

I looked to see if my computer updated anything else, like the bios or Windows, and it did not. So, I am not sure what changed.