Failure to switch to a new project folder


Im on Fedora 22. Latest Atom installed using rpm from

If i have 2 projects loaded “Add Project folder” ( 2 directories on the same level. ~/work/Prj1 and ~/work/Prj2) - the one loaded last won’t become active when i click on any of it’s files. By itself files load fine, but that blue vertical line in the treeview won’t highlight the active “project”. It disappears when i click on the 2nd "project"
please advise.


I can’t replicate this using Atom v1.8.0 on Mac OS X 10.11.5. Here’s what I did:

  1. Launch Atom with a project in it (~/Source/ in this case)
  2. Switch to the Terminal
  3. Add another project folder (~/Source/atom in this case)
  4. Single-click the file in the second project

Little blue line highlighting the tree-view shows up:

The blue line doesn’t highlight the “active project”, it is only an indicator of what has the application’s focus … which in this case would be the tree-view.


it was not the Atom’s per se problem, but rather a bug in one of the packages.


Closing by request.

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