Failed to spawn command `flake8`


Hi there! I’m a student, and rather new to programming. I’ve discovered Atom for use with Python development, however I am having a problem with setting up Flake8 on Atom which is preventing me from switching. Upon start up I receive the following error:

Failed to spawn command `flake8`. Make sure `flake8` is installed and on your PATH

Software Version:
OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Atom Version: 0.174.0
Flake8 Version: 0.6.0
Linter Version: 0.10.0



I had the same problem. Apparently the recent Atom update deleted / resetted my config file.

Did you try specifying your path? See section Settings here:

for me it looks like that:

    executableDir: "/Users/dengemann/anaconda/bin/flake8"


Tks @dengeman. Dor me looks like:

executablePath: “/Users/david.mulero/Anaconda3/anaconda/bin/flake8”