Failed to save config.cson


I installed Atom on Windows 8.1 today and this error appears every time I open it:

Failed to save config.cson
EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘C:\Users\Vincent\.atom\config.cson’

A few of them can appear sometimes, I think it is triggered when opening panels in the settings tab but I’m not sure.

The “Open your config” option in the File menu works fine.

How can I resolve this?


Does the directory C:\Users\Vincent\.atom exist? Do you have permissions to the files in there?


Yes, the directory exists and as far as I know I have permissions for it and the files inside.


How did you install Atom?


I downloaded the executable and opened it. The installation seemed to finish successfully.


Well, let’s get rid of (or rename) the .atom folder @leedohm mentioned, then open Atom in safe mode (atom --safe), and see what that gives you.

The error certainly tells you that atom got a permission denied error on that folder, so it’s worthwhile double-checking if your account has proper read and write access to it and its sub-folders.