Failed to push v0.1.0 tag while publishing package



I’ve got my package tested (it works) and I want to publish to atom’s package database. I even have the github repo set up, here. Although, I want to publish to atom using apm publish minor but whenever I do so, I just get the following error:
Preparing and tagging a new version done Pushing v0.1.0 tag failed
I’ve been at this for about the past hour now. It’s really frustrating to say the least. Thanks in advance!

Failed to push v0.1.0 tag while publishing package, again
  1. Have you done apm login?
  2. Do you use https or ssh to push to your repository?
  3. Do you have push access set up on that computer?

  1. Yes.
  2. I honestly don’t know. I simply push with the defaults of git bash and/or GitHub Windows.
  3. Again, I’m not sure. I’m mostly positive it’s set up because I can push and pull normally with any other repository.


Do you have a local tag named v0.1.0 already? If so, delete it (and it would probably be a good idea to delete the local and remote v0.0.0 tags also).


I checked ./.git/refs/tags. Completely empty. I checked the online repository on GitHub for tags there. Also, completely empty. I’ve also created a rewritten package of the same thing, here. Both have no tags, local or online.


There was a tag on the original GitHub repo at one point:

Which version of Atom do you have installed?

You may also try unpublishing the package and then publishing it again.