Failed to locate workspace file mapped to URL


i been getting these errors for the last few versions on windows
does not bother me much since everything still works and it does not even pop up the console to show me that but i see it each time i go there


Does this happen in safe mode? Open atom with atom --safe.


no. thanks. i guess it is one of those packages… i will try to narrow it down. thanks


seems to happen with any package
i deleted my whole .atom dir and installed one Theme/Package “Base16 Syntax” and it happens

Failed to locate workspace file mapped to URL file:///c:/Users/Rakka%20Rage/.atom/packages/base16-syntax/lib/ from source map file:///c:/Users/Rakka%20Rage/.atom/packages/base16-syntax/lib/


What Atom version are you using?

I haven’t seen something like that before. Does it happen with any package or only (in combination) with Base16 Syntax? If it’s an issue with my theme I’ll dig around what I can find, but so far searching for Failed to locate workspace file mapped to URL I’ve only come up with Chromium issues. Perhaps anyone else has a clue what might be going on here?


Has the space always been in your user name? Is your home directory actually C:\Users\Rakka Rage? I would suspect that the space has something to do with it to start with. The reason why is because this error looks very similar to the one in this Issue:

Which is caused by moving the Atom home directory someplace that Atom can’t find it.


yes it happens with any/all addons
i am using latest Atom 0.144.0 but has been happening for a few versions now

i tested with a new test account that does not have a space and got no error so i guess that is the cause



You should open a bug on Atom Core for this and link it back here. While spaces in path names are generally bad news, perhaps there is something that can be done.