Failed to load package


I have developed simple snippet package

Could anyone tell me where if something I am missing ?

if I just paste this in Atom snippets directly, snippets working fine. If I install the package it seems working also. But I get the following message when I open atom and after installing

Unexpected token :

SyntaxError: Unexpected token :
  at Module._compile (/Applications/
  at Object.value [as .js] (/Applications/
  at Module.load (module.js:473:32)
  at tryModuleLoad (module.js:432:12)
  at Function.Module._load (module.js:424:3)
  at Module.require (module.js:483:17)
  at require (/Applications/
  at Package.module.exports.Package.requireMainModule (/Applications/
  at /Applications/
  at Package.module.exports.Package.measure (/Applications/
  at Package.module.exports.Package.load (/Applications/
  at PackageManager.module.exports.PackageManager.loadPackage (/Applications/
  at PackageManager.module.exports.PackageManager.activatePackage (/Applications/
  at /Applications/
  at exit (/Applications/
  at triggerExitCallback (/Applications/
  at /Applications/
  at Socket.<anonymous> (/Applications/
  at emitOne (events.js:101:20)
  at Socket.emit (events.js:188:7)
  at Pipe._handle.close [as _onclose] (net.js:493:12)


You list main here:

The main attribute in your package.json is for launching the main code module of your package. Since your package offers only snippets and no code, you shouldn’t have a main attribute in your package.json.


@leedohm: Thanks a lot! I earlier had pull path "main": "./snippets/react-intl.cson" and that caused a problem. After I removed react-intl.cson the problem has gone. Yes it make sense not to have main I will remove it.