Failed to load config.cson


Can someone please explain why i get this same message the i open Atom

Failed to load config.cson
[stdin]:7:35: error: missing / (unclosed regex)




It’s hard to know why the config.cson failed to load without being able to see your config.cson. Can you share it? (It’s probably something is formatted incorrectly.)


@LillieG I am with the same error everytime I open atom, but the line reference is pointing to 1:1 as following:

Failed to load config.cson
[stdin]:1:1: error: unexpected


  • I checked the config.cson file and there is absolutely nothing written in (maybe this is the problem :disappointed_relieved:);
  • I tried reinstalling atom, but the problem still hapening (nothing in config.cson yet and same error).
  • Is there any default code for config.cson I can use? Have you already solved this topic?


    Try the following:

    1. Completely exit Atom
    2. Delete the config.cson file that currently exists
    3. Launch Atom