Failed to build, Windows 8.1, atom-dark-syntax gives 503


Hi, I am trying to build Atom on Windows 8.1. It throws an error when trying to install atom-dark-syntax (see below). I guess I could completely skip that download if I knew which row in which file to comment out. Anyone know where that would be?

E:\Programs\atom :: .\script\build
  Node: v0.10.30
  npm: v1.4.23
  Python: v2.7.8
  Installing build modules...
  Installing apm...
  Removing envify done
  Installing modules done
  Installing atom-dark-syntax@0.19.0 failed
  Unable to download
      >> syntax/versions/0.19.0/tarball: socket hang up


Yeaa, never mind, the 503 was temporary.


Closing this since the issue is resolved.

closed #4