Facing an error


Hi, since 2 months i am using atom to write angularjs program. but i am facing with a problem.
The problem is that when i write a code in atom it shows me an error stating “invalid line break.” . On the other hand when i write the same code in other editor i am not getting any errors.
Can anyone help me out in this…

screen shot is here :-

Please help me ASAP.


That error is being reported by a linter you have installed. Theoretically, any tool using that linter will report the same error. As to what it means and why it’s happening, I don’t know. You’d have to look up the linter’s documentation and see what triggers that error.

In this case, I’m guessing you are using the package linter-jscs. It appears to be a style linter, so the error is likely not going to affect execution.

Also, note the message on the linter’s readme. Support for that linter has ended, and eslint is the recommended linter. This is available in Atom through the linter-eslint package