Extra whitespace around page


Hello everyone :wave:

TLDR: Help me get rid of some extra whitespace between my app and Electron.

I’m working on a project that just released its first prototype. Our designer noticed that scrollbars are appearing in the app even when they are not needed, and asked me to look into it.

I noticed that there’s a bit of extra white space between the edge of the app and the scrollbar. Here’s an image:

32 PM

Trying to figure out where this extra space is coming from, I noticed that it is not coming from our app. The top node in the app, html, has zero margin and padding, and yet this whitespace persists. Do you know where this whitespace is coming from?


PS: I have an image of the limit of the html node in the app in which you can see that the app is not causing the whitespace, and another image of the whitespace without the scrollbar. I can’t show them because I am a new user, and it seems that there’s a limit in how many images one can upload. If you want to see the images, let me know in the comments.


The actual reason that I want to remove the whitespace is because I suspect that it is the reason why the scrollbars appear.


I think that’s because the browser has a white space as default, between tags in text. .though I do not know how to fix either.