Extra space appearing between lines, causing cursor and line mismatch


Alright, so I’m running ubuntu 14.04, and atom 1.19.6 x64 with an nvidia quadro m2000.
Everything was working perfectly until today; I finally managed to install the nvidia 375 drivers AND add a second monitor to my system.

In atom I’m using the Hydrogen package for python, which i suspect might have something to do with the problem.

Now when I’m working in a file for a while, suddenly there’s a shift and a bunch of seeming whitespace appears near the top of the file, causing the line numbers no longer to sync up with code. It goes away if i close and open the file, but it reappears after a few minutes.

Has anyone had a similar problem before? I tried searching but couldn’t find anything similar, I’m not sure how to fix this or even what is causing it. I assume it has something to do with my new driver/monitor setup + maybe the hydrogen package.

The new monitor is also a higher resolution, and there might be a scaling thing going on


Does the issue happen when you have Hydrogen disabled?


This looks like the issue that was fixed in Atom 1.19.7. Can you still reproduce it if you update?


(update to version 1.19.7 or to version 1.20.0 (2017.09.13) ?)


Either. Beta would also work fine.


I updated to 1.20, seems fine for now, thanks :slight_smile: