Extra carriage returns in atom



I am working with some files in Windows 8.1 that I exported from MS SQL server. When viewing the files in Atom 0.155.0 I get extra carriage returns:

Is there a setting in atom to stop the carriage returns from being displayed in this way? So far I have tried using the “Line Ending Converter” and “windows-carriage-return-remover” packages, but to no avail.

Thanks very much


Have you tried turning on the “Show Invisibles” setting to see what is actually in the file?


Invisibles are on in the screenshot (apologies for the dark theme). The blank lines between the text each contain a single carriage return.


I don’t see any invisibles at the end of the lines 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. Do you have the CR invisible set to something blank?


All my invisibles are set to the defaults. This does make me wonder what is causing the linebreaks at the end of lines 1,3,5,7 and 9 because it looks like there’s nothing at all there. There is nothing I can copy and moving the cursor just proceeds to the next line.


I’d say try installing the hex package and see what the bytes are in the file.


It seems that when I use the “Generate Scripts” tool in SQL Server Management studio and select to save the scripts as unicode, every second character is set to 0x00. If I open one of these files in Atom I get the behaviour in my screenshot above.

Sublime and Emacs seem to be able to handle this however and do not display linefeeds on lines of their own. Emacs’s hexl-mode confirms that every second character is 0x00.

If I use “Generate Scripts” and select to save the scripts as ASCII this doesn’t happen and when the file is opened in Atom it looks as expected.


Every second character being NUL means that it is being saved as UTF-16 BE (I think). You should be able to use the encoding selector on the right side of your status bar to change from UTF-8 to whichever of the UTF-16 versions works.


That’s done the trick thanks very much – I selected UTF-16 LE. BE didn’t work and produced garbled text.