External files do not link


Here is the mark up:



heres my script:

alert(‘JS linked!’);

The script file is in the same folder as the html file(same level) but it does not alert when I refresh.
I experience the same with CSS files.



Heres the markup


What browser are you viewing that in?


Google chrome


I am starting to get the feeling this may be an issue with live-server. I just ran this on another machine without live-server and had no issues. Gonna do some more testing.


What happens if you run it on the same machine without live-server?

Looking at the atom-live-server documentation, what jumps out at me as a possible area of investigation is the root path setting. If that were doing something incorrectly, it could certainly cause a link to fail.

The Chrome dev tools can be used to find out where Chrome is trying to load files from. Press ctrl-shift-i, find the <script> tag, and hover over the src text.


So here are my screen shots, these should be able to show how the script is in my markup it also shows they are on the same level and I ensured to install live-server globally so the root path shouldn’t be the issue, unless I am misunderstanding. BTW I just ran it using live-server and my script wont run as apposed to when I ran it manually without live-server and it ran just fine. I think this may be an issue with live-server.





So you’re talking about the Node package live-server and not the Atom package atom-live-server? I definitely can’t help you there.


I see, sorry I did not make this distinction earlier. I will install the atom-live-server now and see how it goes. Thanks.