Extended (hidden char) Find/Replace capability in Atom



I was looking for the capability to Find and Replace extended characters (hidden characters like CR, space, new-line, etc.).
Similar capability exists in Notepad++ (“Search Mode: Extended”).

Is there an existing package that I can use?

Thanks in advance.


You can search for spaces quite easily by simply typing a space in the find box and clicking the Find button, no special mode is needed. Other special characters can also be found pretty easily by using the “Regular Expression” mode of Atom’s find-and-replace package. A newline is \n in regular expression mode. A carriage-return is \r in regular expression mode. And finally, you can search for any single Unicode code point in the Basic Multilingual Plane by using the \uhhhh construct where hhhh is the hexadecimal representation of that code point.

You can learn more about the regular expression support in Atom’s find-and-replace package in the Mozilla Developer Network documentation on JavaScript’s regular expression support.