Extend config


I am getting a reoccurring question about my package’s config. The specific config takes an array of paths to ignore for a search and has some defaults (e.g. node_modules) already defined.

When the user changes the array it overrides the defaults, which forces the user to copy the existing config to be able to extend the list, which is not very nice. On the other hand, if I extend the config behind the scenes, the user will be unable to remove the defaults that he/she doesn’t want.

What could a reasonable solution to this be? Could anyone point me to a package that solves a similar problem?

Thank you.


The worst part is they can’t copy the default from the form. They have to copy by typing it in. Having the default as a normal input field value would solve all these problems.


And to make it even worse, the text disappears after typing the first character :frowning: It would be very nice indeed if we could start from the default value, deleting it is just so much easier than copying from your memory…


It’s also a problem that, if the defaults are a long list, the last items are lost off the end of the input box and so can’t be inspected (or copied, even manually) at all. :worried:


There are open issues already for these: