Export Electron app to single exe with all dll and other files included

I’m looking to package all of my app into one exe file that doesn’t need other files and folders to run, so that my users can copy this file and have everything they need and can move it to anywhere on their computer and still run it.

What I mean to ask is, how do I do this?

Already asked here, here and here

those posts don’t answer the question, they just have a bunch of people who don’t understand the problem

I believe @zcbenz, as an Electron contributer, is in a position to understand the problem. He gave a simple and clear answer.

Hello! Did you find a solution to your question? I have a similar problem

Did you read the link in my last comment? The developers have said no.

Just a thought … and with zero personal experience in this … but would building a Linux snap meet this requirement?


Sorry, it’s been a long time since you asked the question. I was hoping that the issue was resolved

I didn’t ask the question, I provided a link to the answer. And it has been resolved, in 2014. The resolution was, “no, we can’t feasibly do this”.

Thanks for the answer anyway.
I see that it can’t be doing in “usual” way. I found a solution in one of the topics on this forum. I need to use something like Enigma or other packers. Maybe someone know how to make an executable from Electron in this way? Some guide?