Export CSS when exporting Markdown Preview


I work extensively with markdown and hope that atom can become my new markdown editor - it’s minimalistic but can be styled easily using LESS, that’s just awesome. I love that you can now export the markdown preview to HTML in the new version, but…
Currently, if you export to HTML you are left with a very basic, bare and ugly HTML file. I think that the currently used CSS for markdown previews should be exported as well. Themes can style the markdown preview using the .markdown-preview selector, so why not make use of that and export that CSS along with the HTML?

One of the great things of markdown is that it’s super-easy to use but can be parsed and exported to a lot of different styles and formats. Atom should definitely make use of that and export nice-looking HTML pages in my opinion.


You might want to file an issue on the markdown-preview package. Something to specify is if you want a separate CSS file to be exported or if you want the CSS embedded in the HTML, etc.


Done @ https://github.com/atom/markdown-preview/issues/70
Guess this can be closed then ^^


Thanks for helping out!

closed #5