Experimenting with views without constantly reloading


How can a noob experiment with changing a view’s styles without constantly reloading Atom altogether? It takes a couple seconds to relaunch, which seems painfully slow.

  • This post seemed to gloss over the reload part of the question.
  • This post suggests it should, or used to, do it automatically.
  • This article suggests doing all your work somewhere else, then copying the finished values over.

Am I missing something obvious? RTFM replies are welcome if accompanied by a link to the relevant section.


Reload package from disk without reloading editor

Of course, as soon as I post something…

Creating a Syntax Theme

Tip: You can avoid reloading to see changes you make by opening an atom window in dev mode. To open a Dev Mode Atom window run atom --dev . in the terminal, use cmd-shift-o or use the View > Developer > Open in Dev Mode menu. When you edit your theme, changes will instantly be reflected!

This doesn’t seem to work, though. After launching in dev mode, I see this in the console.

The handle(4) returned by watching [my package]/styles is the same with an already watched path([my package]/styles)HandleWatcher.start @ /usr/share/atom/resources/app.asar/node_modules/pathwatcher/lib/main.js:70

The handle(2) returned by watching [my package].less is the same with an already watched path([my package].less)


When you’re in dev mode, you can use the Dev Live Reload: Reload All command from the command palette to reload all styles.


That’s perfect. Thank you, @olmokramer.