Expand Tab Bar to flow on top of tree view?


Is it possible to have the tab bar extend across the entire width of the program window so that it flows on top of the tree view? Currently, the tab bar butts up against tree-view (example). For some users, myself included, it may be nice to have that extra width for the tab bar.

And thanks for a great editor, Atom rocks!


There is a change in v1.6 (currently in beta) that allows this kind of thing. With that said, there currently aren’t any plans to expand the tab bar to be the full window width.

In any version of Atom though, you can toggle the display of the tree-view to make everything full width. You can find the command (and its keybindings for your platform) in the Command Palette as “Tree View: Toggle”.


Great! Thank you for replying leedohm!