Exlude VCS Ignored Paths (settings) with ignored files


The Exclude VCS Ignored Paths setting is great, but I have a couple of files which are in my .gitignore that I would like to be able to reach with fuzzy finder.

A possible solution:
Add a text field under the checkbox where you can add ignored files that are seperated by a comma.


I also want this feature. but looks like no one answered this. if you find a solution, please share


If you are on Linux, a workaround is to do: ln <ignored-files> <new-name> for example: ln .git/config git-config-editable will allow you to find git-config-editable with the fuzzy finder, but the content of both file will be the same (in fact the file is the same, just accessible from two different locations.

I have no clue if there’s the equivalent under Windows, I suspect there might with Apple’s whatever-the-name-is-nowadays.


HI @quasipedia, can you please share the screenshot. I actually didn’t get your trick

Thanks man. you did a great job