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I am using Linux Ubuntu and cannot exit full screen mode anymore which is an absolute nightmare. I have tried all of the suggestions found in the forums here, F11, installing-re-installing. Can you please help?




It is strange that the F11 button does not work. To me it sounds as if that button is assigned elsewhere or a package (like ‘zen’) is giving this functionality.


  1. Ctrl-Shift-P to bring up the command pallet. Start typing full screen in the popup to find the toggle for full screen mode.

  2. Start a session from the terminal as atom --clear-window-state

  3. Start a session from the terminal as atom --safe

It is an add-on package if only the 3rd option works. Then you have to identify the package that gives this issue.

To bring back the menu bar - if that is hidden:

  • Ctrl-Shift-P to bring up the command pallet. Start typing menu.

Does this help you?


That worked! Thank you so much. X


…please - - what did you use?


I used - control shift P- and then searched for the full screen option and that did the job. I reckon F11 wasn’t working because I am using a virtual machine with Ubuntu on my french keyboard mac - not a good combo!- so all the keys are completely out of sync.

Thanks again for your help.


…that can get complicated very fast.

Thank you for returning my call. As “thanks” let me give you a tip.

  1. Ctrl-Shift-P

  2. image

  3. image

The Key Binding Resolver opens at the bottom of your Atom session. It tells you 2 things:

  • which key commands does Atom think you used

  • with which command is it linked to

So in your case you can press F11 and see what does Atom think it is. From there you can decide to place a custom key combination in your Keymap file.

Did you already know of this?


amazing, thanks! i didn’t know of it. Will go to bed wiser today :slight_smile: